No sewing here

Work and things going on at work have been all consuming of late. Thus when I come home I have no interest in doing anything sewing related and end up reading about what others are doing or in some cases not doing. I also have gotten in a rut of sitting in front of the TV!

I hope to be motivated this weekend. We have to do some family stuff on Saturday so that will consume a large chunk of my time. I put the lining fabric on my cutting table to cut out for my jacket; one small step for sewing.

I did buy a piece of fabric yesterday from Vogue fabrics. First fabric purchase for 2008. I am going to keep my plan of starting to sew for spring when I start and finish the jacket.

I know I sound blah, and I am very blah today. Going to strive to get to a better place mentally today. As noted above, things going on at work have been all consuming and are adding to my SADD!


  1. It sounds like we're almost having the same week. I hope to get a little something done this weekend, just to help my attitude. Hang in there!!

  2. I know how you feel I have been in a funk & so busy with other things that I only seem to be able to read about sewing in everyone elses blogs. By the way I think that I saw on PR that you own a Elna overlock is that right? I looked at one the other day & I was pretty impressed. I just wish that I could find more reviews on the net. If you do have one woudl you mind telling me how you like it? Thanks much!


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