I need more time!

Work this past week was stressful. It always is when things are changing. And it is stressful with the holidays as we prepare for two Christmas events for employees and the consumers we serve. Tomorrow evening is our division's Employee Christmas party and I am the Master of Ceremonies. I love doing that sort of thing but I always feel anxious about it.

With hectic work life and many tasks to do after work, I can't find the time to sew. I am doing bits and pieces to get ready to sew. All patterns are cut out from both the lining and the fabric. I threaded my sewing and serger machines last night in anticipation of sewing today and tomorrow. I am mulling over which should I start first, the jacket or the skirt. I am leaning toward the jacket.

I just got home from CURVES and wanted to post a brief entry to my diary. I also want to have time to read some blogs this weekend. I love reading about what others are up to. More later.


  1. As do I. This time of year certainly can be busy and intrude on valuable sewing time.


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