Starting on skirt

Wow, the hem in this jacket and the sleeve hems are time consuming. Unfortunately the fabric I am using does not take a blind hem well using my sewing machine. Oh, to have a blind hemmer! Oh to have the space to put one.
My Designer SE has a great blind hem stitch and blind hem foot. But on some fabrics this hem does not turn out well. There just is too much thread on top or right side of the fabric. When I hem by hand, you can hardly see any thread on top, thus a blind hem.
I also have some arthritis in my hands so when I hem things by hand, my left hand usually starts to ache and I need to take periodic breaks.
The jacket now has buttonholes, bodice hemmed and one sleeve hemmed. I will finish the other sleeve hem later this evening. Then I only have to cut out the buttonholes and sew on the buttons. Since these are shank buttons, more hand sewing.

Taking a break from the hand stitching, I serged the seam allowances for the front and back pieces of the skirt. I also pinned in the darts. So to be ready to sew.


  1. I do a lot of handing as well. It can be a pain, but I like the result. Glad you were able to get some sewing done over the weekend. I had planned to do the same, but we had a family emergency. Maybe today I'll get some done. BTW- Thank you for referring me to Damn. See was able to give me some tips on the dress. I have two cut out and another on the table. I'm hope to post "something" soon. Happy sewing,


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