Simplicity 3774

I am making progress finally on the fitting of this pattern using a new method. I screwed up the front bodice piece my first attempt and purchased another copy of the pattern to have a usable front bodice again. I redid the back and front bodice working on both yesterday and today in between other issues.

I am please with the results of the bodice pieces and will pin fit them later to see if there is anything wacky. This is my usual method of fitting patterns, pin fitting then determining adjustments needed then, making the fit adjustments, re pin and adjust more if necessary.

I like learning new things so this is appealing to me. I have yet to sew a stitch in my other dress that is sitting on the side lines waiting for attention. I have threaded the serger and all is ready to go, except me. My thoughts are now that I will sew some tomorrow and then go back to the fitting of the other later.



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