Chocolate eyelet skirt

I spent time yesterday working on my KS 3180 skirt pattern. This is really a simple pattern, just lots of pieces to sew together. Couple this with an eyelet fabric that needs to be lined, you go from very easy to time consuming. But I think it will be worth it in the end.

I glue basted the lining pieces to the fabric, off and on last week when I needed to take my mind off of my DH. I completed this task around midnight Friday. I tried both Beacons fabric glue and Aleene's. I found that Beacons held the fabric pieces together much, much better than the Aleene's. The ones I used the Aleene's on, did not stay glued in numerous places. When reading instructions for their product it says apply two coats, which I did not do. Perhaps that was important information but also says to me-way too time consuming. The Beacon dried quickly and was less messy.

Dawn, The Sewing Pocket blogger, suggested the temporary spray basting that I use with embroidery. I did not think about that until reading her suggestion. I think that would work but with this eyelet fabric there may be some stickiness with the open places on the eyelet. This eyelet has a lot.

I sewed all pieces together last night and I will fit the skirt today. Once I make fitting adjustments, if any, then I will serge finished all the seam edges. To complete will be to attach the elastic and hem.

Update later.


  1. Linda - the spray adhesive briefly flitted in and out of my mind mainly because of the holes in the eyelet as you stated. I am definitely interested in seeing how the glue worked for you especially since I just stitched mine down after pinning the heck out of it and then serged the pieces together. I am still trying to figure out what to do with the other printed embroidered eyelet piece I got from Metro.

  2. I'm happy that your husband is back and everything seems alright with him!


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