Shirley Adams and Roanoke ASG

I did not write about our local ASG chapters special event on February 28. We hosted Shirley Adams for two sessions on Wednesday. Attendance was great with more in attendance for the afternoon session than the evening one. I am glad we had both. We had attendees from West VA, New River Valley area as well as Lynchburg. I attended the evening session.

Shirley presented her basic pattern for her shell/top and then showed the variations she has made with the basic top. Her fabrics truly make the tops look very elegant, otherwise it would be a plain top. She also showed some other embellishments making the top truly one of a kind. She then showed her classic set in sleeve jacket and the many variations there of. I have her basic jacket pattern 400 and several of the add on patterns to make this simple jacket into various styles. I did buy the basic shell pattern at the ASG event, along with some wool roving for my embellisher.

I wish I had some photos to post. I took some with my Treo and need to transfer to the computer. Those photos are okay but not enough to do the presentation and the garments justice.


  1. Her things are so pretty aren't they? I won a big package of her patterns as a door prize at an ASG conference. I don't think I'll use them since they're too professional looking and dressy for me. Maybe I need to list them for sale somewhere.


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