Response to blouse comments

Debbie Cook, Stitches and Seams, commented on my recent blouse posting. I have to admit I was surprised and pleased that she asked about how I did the FBA on the blouse.

My surprise was simply what I know about FBA's I learned from reading and digesting Fit For Real People and Debbie Cook's great FBA tutorial on PR and her site. So Debbie, my FBA actually came to me because of a FBA you did on an empire style top and posted for people to see. Also from looking at FFRP pages on FBA's, I found one that focused on a FBA on a kimono style top.
Because the sleeves on the side front are similar to the kimono style top, I did the FBA on the front side piece only. Two photos follow showing the adjustment I made. After adding about 1 1/2 inches, the resulting side dart was closed and I then kept the added fullness at the bottom of the piece because I knew I needed to also add width at the waist area also. I then adjusted the front piece which you can see I cut the bottom part of the front piece and added the red paper to somewhat match up with the adjustment on the side front. ( Hope that made sense, the photos should help.)

So hope this is helpful to all. Thanks Debbie for asking and thanks for sharing your knowledge with others like me. It certainly helped me in making this blouse more successful.



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