Some progress

I have not been able to sew much this week. I did redo the shoulders on my blouse, attempting to make a small adjustment for forward shoulder. I did sew the side seams also. The tie was completed last weekend, I just need to attach to the back neckline. This will be followed by the facing. Then hem the sleeves and blouse hemline.

I am not sure what I want to do next. I have several projects listed but can't decide what I really want to work on next. I will make something from stash.

I have not purchased any fabric since before Christmas! I have been truly tempted but have restrained myself thus far. Though I was just browsing EOS and Fashion Fabrics. I am still tempted to buy patterns. Just purchased the SW Inventor Shirt through PR. I also acquired for free a pattern at our ASG meeting last night. It was a Great Copy pattern of three simple dresses.



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