Blouse Progress

Here are photos of my blouse in progress. Not much left to do. I did not do a FSA and should have. I am going to try to restitch the shoulder seams hoping to reduce the pull to the back. I don't have any idea why I did not do this adjustment. I kept thinking about it and made note of it but did not do it. I will live without it but the fit would have been much better with it.
All I have left to do is attach the tie collar; stitch buttonhole for tie to go through or don't and use some sort of other attachment; applying front and back facing and determine how what kind of hem technique to use for sleeves and blouse hemline. Let me say it was a good thing I added the two inches to the length.
I am trying to show the topstitching in photo below. Also the way the center front attaches to the side front. I know there was an easier way of attaching this but I followed the instructions. Per those you had to turn under the seam allowance on center front piece, clip curve so that area would lie smooth, then overlay this piece to side front by aligning the seam allowance on side front with turned under edge of center front. Then I pinned and topstitched in place.

This is a view of the back. I added a center back seam, pattern had this on fold. I wanted this seam allowance to control upper round back and swayback adjustments. The center back and side back seams were completed like the fronts.


  1. Your blouse is looking very pretty! I'd love to see how you did the FBA with that seaming (hint, hint).

  2. Beautiful blouse. I just love the fabric. It looks so fresh and spring like.


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