Blouse is coming along!

I am making good progress on my blouse today. I read through the instructions and found some of the sewing procedures to be unusual. This a replica of a 1928 blouse and was written in French originially. The attachment of the front side to center front and back side to center back require turning under seams in one area, basting, then laying that piece over the the seam allowance of the side front or side back and topstitching together.

I thought of another way of doing this that probably would have been faster; but I wanted to attempt this sewing process as directed in the instructions.

I have completed sewing side fronts to front and side backs to back. I added a center back seam allowance to this pattern. I decided to stop at the point of sewing the center back seam. Time for a break.
Here is a shot of the blouse and the fabric I am using. I will post more photos of the blouse progression later.


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