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Remember my Duro Dress? Saturday I wore my new dress. I skipped the breakfast that morning as I just wanted to catch up on my sleep. I went to the coffee bar, got my Starbucks latte and bananna nut muffin for a leisurely breakfast. I visited with a couple whose wife was attending the conference, they were from St. Petersburg, FL. They were going to go on one of the tours offered.

I then went down to the conference area and chatted with one of our ASG members. An attractive lady was coming up from the floor below where some of the classes were held. She kept looking at me and I thought perhaps it was someone I should know. She approached me about my dress, expressing delight in the fabric and color choices. She then asked what pattern.

I went on to tell her how I learned of the dress from A Dress A Day blog and the many that Erin had made. Decided to give it a try, though not necessarily a style I would normally make as I tend toward more of the classic styles due to my job and expected dress at work. I explained some design changes I made such as changing gathers to pleats, etc. I then told her it was a McCall's pattern but that Simplicity had come out with their version and I thought that it more closely matched the designer's dress. At that point, she told me she knew about Simplicity since she was the VP of ? for them. Not only do I not remember her title, unfortunately I don't think I got her name!

Several people came up to me during the day to compliment the dress or to enquire of the pattern used. I met one lady who read my review on Pattern Review about the dress. I believe her name was Patricia from Raliegh, NC.

One of the great thing about the conference was the interaction between those attending. Only at something like this can one go around and "fondle" other people's clothes and inquire if they made or not, where did they get the fabric, etc. Total strangers would come up at various places in the hotel, like the restaurant or lounge, and start talking with you. I love interacting with people. Perhaps that is why I have that degree in Social Work!


  1. Oh how fun to have Ms. Simplicity come up to you and start asking questions! Wish I could've made it to the conference but unfortunately again I'm saying, maybe next year.

  2. That's what's so fun about sewing conventions! I always enjoy going to the Expo in Atlanta to see fellow sewing enthusiasts...some of whom I know from the 'net.

    And it's really cool when someone recognizes you by the clothes you're wearing... 'I saw that on Pattern Review!'

  3. Thanks to your post I got to relive past fun at sewing conferences, recognizing and meeting people by their clothes. The best! Can hardly wait for you to do the Simplicity style and hear what you have to say.

  4. I need to go to a sewing conference - I would love to 'oooh and ahhh' other people's patterns and fabrics.

  5. How exciting that your dress sparked such interest that you had an opportunity to speak with a Simplicity exec. Don't you just love sewing expos? I always get such a kick out of the fact that we all ooh and aah and stroke one another's items of clothing.
    Did you find the dress comfortable to wear? I still haven't actually worn my version.


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