Blouse and Skirt Progress

I am making progress on the blouse. I have not sewn a blouse in a long, long time. That is a blouse with a front placket, buttonholes and such. So far, I have sewn the darts and started on the right front placket. I had to redo this as I had not folded the placket deep enough to accomodate the buttonholes and then turning the placket back to the outside to hide the buttonholes. Nonetheless, the fabric is forgiving enough and I am using Peggy Sager's sewing tips of using a longer stitch length. Thus making removing stitches much easier. Thank you, Peggy for teaching this to us sewists.

I had to make a fabric change for my skirt. The fabric I was originally going to use is just to soft and thin for the skirt. Perhaps if I was to add a lining, and I am not, then it would give it some weight and body. I had some other fabric with shoes and purses but the blues used within the patterns did not go well with this blue fabric I had cut for the blouse. I continued to shop my stash and found a black piece of fabric that has been in my collection for over 6 years.

I purchased this fabric while living in Florida. A fabric/sewing machine dealer sold her shop and the new owner was selling off some fabric. I to this day do not know the fabric content; and I have never tried the burn test. I love this fabric, then and now. I loved it so much that I bought the whole remaining bolt of the fabric during the inventory reduction sale. It is a lovely black with crosswise ribs within the fabric. It is not thin nor thick heavy fabric, just between. I made an Athena Jacket from it as well as a vest with Christmas related theme embroidered all over to go with a black suede Christmas themed pair of shoes. I wear both at Christmas and have for over 7 or 8 years.

The color is still rich black and the condition of the fabric appears to be good. I had two remaining remanants of the fabric left and was enough to cut out the LH Wrap Skirt, which has also been shortened by 4 inches to accomodate my vertically challenged size.

More later.



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