It has been a nice easy day. I was able to turn it into a PPSD-Partial Personal Sewing Day. I say this because I really had to take sometime to clean some of the house. After getting up and drinking some coffee, I then sewed on my jacket for Vogue 8004. I had worked on it some last night as well. This morning I let out the high hip area in the center and side back seams. I then sewed the facing to the jacket front, trimmed, pressed and stitched the facing to keep it from rolling out. When DH woke, we had breakfast. DH did some more work on our muddy basement that did not get completed over the past weekend. The basement is semi-finished and only houses our washer/dryer and "stuff". It has cement floors so cleaning up dried mud is a chore.

Let me say I hate housecleaning! In my previous life in Florida I had a good friend who had a housecleaning business and I was one of her customers. She came twice a month to clean house. I loved it. Her name was Pam and now when things get cluttered, dusty, etc. my DH or I will say "where is that Pam, she hasn't cleaned in awhile". So today was a major overhaul cleaning of the master bathroom. This was done between working on my jacket.

I have made several fitting adjustments as I sewed the jacket and I think I over adjusted the front shoulder area. As Carolyn of Diary of a Sewing Fanatic wrote not to long ago on her blog about wearability test, I will see if this over adjusting may impact the wearability test.

Because of said shoulder adjustment I had to reset the sleeve insertion on the first sleeve I sewed into place. After taking out some of the front, sleeve top and back areas twice, it now fits appropriately. I have pinned in the other sleeve. I decided it was time to take a break.

While working on the project, I looked at the pattern drawing and almost panicked as my back piece does not look like this drawing.

The drawing shows the dart at back neck area. In fact the back darts are closer to the back princess seams. On the facing piece the darts are placed at the back neck. When I first looked at this, I thought I had really traced the darts badly. This was not the case at all. Not sure if where the darts are in reality and where they could have been if like the above affects the fit or not. We shall see.

Once I insert the other sleeve, I then only have to hem, sew buttonholes, buttons and install shoulder pads. I have a McCall's dress waiting in the wings.



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