I am so pleased with the progress I made this weekend on my jacket and skirt. I love the fabric I am sewing because of the ease of sewing it.

I had to make some fitting adjustments to the jacket. I think I need to revisit my body measurements again and adjust. Of late I am finding that the upper chest area is too full on numerous patterns. Thanks to CURVES or age????

With the jacket for this pattern I had to take up another 3/8 inch in the arm area down to curve of princess seam in the front. I also ended up taking up an additional 1/4 inch at the shoulder seam for the front jacket. I just offset the seam by the 1/4 inch and tapered to the initial seam mid way through the shoulder seam. I did a forward shoulder adjustment originially. By doing this it did pull it up in the front some and also improved the bust fitting under the arm, it was gaping there and thought it would still gap after attaching sleeves. I thought also I would have to use a thicker shoulder pad and did not want to do this.

I hope to complete this tonight or tomorrow since it is a holiday and will have some sewing time!



  1. Great job on getting to take in those patterns! I need to reread my Nancy 10-20-30 book. I am having a hard time reworking my schedule with the changes in our household recently. Thanks for the reminder.


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