Close to finish!

I worked on my jacket some this evening after dinner with DH. He has to travel to Baltimore this evening, so I spent some time in my sewing room working on finishing my Vogue 8004 Pattern. I decided to let out the center back seam in the jacket, I thought it felt tight. This helped. I inserted the other sleeve without too much issue this morning and tried on this evening and I think it looks good. I serge finished the sleeve seam edges as well as the hem edges.

I then decided to play with my Babylock Embellisher, playing around with some fabric pieces and yarns to see how these fabrics are felting to each other. Some worked okay others didn't. I still need a few more lace or other fabric sheers to embellish onto the material. This is my practice piece for the Chico Jacket replica.

I then took some pictures of my finished skirt and a photo of the back of the jacket to show how the darts look compared to the pattern drawing shown on a previous post. I don't know if you

can see the details of the fabric background. Embossed on this lovely and great to sew fabric is a palm tree.
Here is the jacket back, look at the placement of the dart compared to the dart placement on pattern drawing from post from yesterday. The dart is to the right of the side back piece,

left of the center back seam. It does not point to the neck line at all, as in the drawing.

Here is the McCall's dress pattern of the Duro dress and my fabric for the dress-yellow flowers, the contrast is the solid color. Both purchased from Hancock fabrics last month.


  1. Linda ~ the palm print is really pretty and I can't wait to see the completed pieces! Glad you got some quality time in your sewing room.

  2. I think the dart makes it look like it would fit a sloped back better. It looks like they are at the right spot for some one like me who is a little rounded at that part of back. How does it fit? I like the fabric. It is such a great warm weather print. I can't wait to see what you do with the dress. LOL, some how though I can't imagine you in a dress like that. Maybe because I have only seen you after work and in business attire.

  3. The dart is placed in the proper position for the roundness of the back at that point. Kathleen Fasanella's Fashion Incubator site had a good posting on those types of dart under 'Vintage Dart Control'.

    Most vintage patterns always had this dart. Unfortunately many pattern makers took it out over the years, along with many other beneficial darts. The drawing is the oddest placement for a dart tho. It's a good thing the pattern did not reflect it or you might have felt like the Hunchback of Notre Dame when it rubbed against your neck. lol.

    Your sewing projects are really looking great! You have such a great work ethic! Thank you for sharing.


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