Dress Success

I finished my sheath dress. Here it is.

Here is the Talbots dress inspiration.

I am pleased with the results. It fits very well. Most all of my PMB clothes do. I had planned to use Vogue 8188. But after making so many bust fitting adjustments I was concerned that it was too much. I overlaid my PMB sheath pattern over the Vogue 8188 and made neckline changes to the PMB pattern and used this one instead. Here is the Vogue pattern. http://store.sewingtoday.com/cgi-bin/voguepatterns/shop.cgi?search=V8188&TI=20001&M=&pageSize=9&s.search.all.x=13&s.search.all.y=13

I have cut out the jacket pattern and will begin it tomorrow. Here is the fabric I am using for the jacket.

Here is the Talbot Jacket-


  1. That looks so good. I can't wait to see the jacket. I cannot imagine making clothes. I am awed by anyone who can do what you just did!

    Oh...and your story about locking yourself out was hysterical, although I know it wasn't very funny for you at the time. Thank goodness for zipper success. lol

  2. What a cute sheath. How do you find time to do all the sewing you do and work? You are so talented.

  3. Hi - I'm a new reader of your blog...just getting back into sewing after a long hiatus (10 years, while kids were little). What's PMB? Beautiful dress and I can't wait to see the jacket!

  4. I can't wait to see the jacket with this sheath. It's going to look great together!


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