What am I up to?

I haven't written in almost a week! That's indicates that my work life is once again interfering with my personal life. I took a break from my hectic pace on Thursday and attended our local ASG meeting.

Our program was on fabric printing using pre-treated fabric sheets and using bubble jet wash and rinse to treat your fabric to become printable. Interesting. Something I would like to try but I can't seem to find time to just do simple sewing.

After dinner with DH last night and after changing clothes after arriving home, I spent an hour of uninterrupted time SEWING! I am making the Textile Studio-Monaco Shell.

It has been very simple to sew but my fabric is rather slippery. A little more difficult to handle and hold taut without stretching while serging and sewing. I wanted to make this simply because it would be a fast and easy project. I like doing something more simple after completing a more time consuming project.

I took my embroidered coordinated suit to ASG for Show n Tell. I got lots of compliments. I have yet to wear it. Waiting for the right time.

Got to run. Off to CURVES!


  1. I thought you were going to wear it Friday. Let us know when the time is right!


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