Jacket Almost Complete

I cannot believe how a simple jacket has become such a difficult item to complete. The hang up for me is the lining with cut-on facing. I cut the front piece and the lining from the same pattern. I should have made a change to the lining piece but for the life of me I cannot visualize how it should have been cut.

I have finally figured out how I will sew it to the fabric fold back facing. I will end up with some additional fabric though. I will figure out how to eliminate it. This has been gnawing at me for days now. Finally tonight I got it worked out and trial basted the lining to the front fold back facing. This is how I learned I will have this extra fabric.

I laid the pattern on the material and I folded back the facing on the lining piece trying to determine the look of how the piece should be redrafted.

I really wanted to have finished this jacket today. I have another one cut out and ready to sew. I have many projects in my head and limited time to get them done. I will finish this up tomorrow. I will not have buttons to go with it. Did not have time while I was out today to spend time looking for some. I may use fabric buttons. I will make a decision on that tomorrow as well.



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