Saturday, Saturday, ...........

I have that tune in my head about Saturday, Saturday night's allright, or something like that.

Last night, after meeting DH for dinner and going to Barnes and Noble to get Stephen King's new book, I then went to my sewing room upon arrival home. It was so nice to be in there again.
I serged the edges of the sleeves and hem of my KS Twist Top, then serged the side seams. Then I had a phone call that interupted my brief sewing time.

The electricans had been to the house yesterday and we had a problem with some electrical items in the master bathroom so they had to return this morning to fix. Before they arrived I went to CURVES. After electricians left, I took my shower and then went and did my grocery shopping for the week. Plus ran some errands for my DH, one too many. He had to go into work so I was glad to help out but......

Before hitting the grocery store and Walmart, I went to Hancock fabrics and took advantage of the 75% off on Vogue patterns. When all is said and done, Vogue patterns are still some of my favorite ones and normally I do not have a lot of fitting issues with them, just my usual fitting issues: foward shoulder adjustment, swayback, most the time FBA, and narow back adjustment. Like many others though I go off and try a few independent ones with some success and some not so good successes. I am not sure why I bought more patterns. I am a little compulsive about this. But 75% off is very good. I have patterns galore, many never made up. I am going to cull my pattern stash and sell some on Pattern Review before too long. I also purchased some lining fabric for a potential jacket I have in my design mind at this moment.

I was so excited whenI got home and found I had a package from Alpaca Direct. I purchased several colors of merino wool and colonial top roving from them to use on my new Babylock Embellisher.

I bought this after Christmas and got an extremely good bargain on it. I only wish there were more helpful sources for using the machine and for felting. I am not sure why Babylock is not marketing this more. Seeing an outfit made up in the Australian Stitches Magazine using this machine for embellishing, made me want one. So this was on sale for $525 and I got 10% off as I accepted the floor model.

The wool roving was great and better than I expected. Very impressive colors. I need to search out sources for tips on felting and designing with it. I have not been able to find a source for roving in VA/MD or NC. These would be much closer than California where I got this material. There service was great though and I of course took advantage of their special, so I got free shipping and priority mail! Not bad.

I also purchased a pattern from a sewist on Pattern Review and that arrived today also. It was the Loes Hinses Wrap Skirt. I have looked at this one on and off. I have good fit most of the time with LH patterns. Skirts are rather long on me though, being 5'3", but I normally adapt them well.

Got to run, amazingly my DH thinks we should eat dinner. Guess he's right. More on sewing today later.



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