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Back to sewing-yeah!

I am finally doing some sewing again. 
After making numerous fitting adjustments to this pattern, I finally cut out the fabric and got my sewing machine as well as serger threaded and ready to go.

I began sewing it earlier this week and did more sewing today.  The shoulder seams were sewn and side seams basted to check the fit and to make sure darts were pointing correctly.  After this, I sewed the side seams.  The pattern calls for the top to be hemmed and I started that process and completed one front piece.

Once I complete the hemming, the front bands will be attached. I used a woven, iron on interfacing purchased some time ago from Fashion Fabric Supply.  This has been in my stash for several years and was happy that fusible side held nicely after all this time.
After the hemming and front bands are completed, there are the sleeves, collar stand, and collar to be attached.  Actually, the sewing of this pattern so far has been less time consuming than making all the pattern adjustme…


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