I am finally sewing the pants. I pin fitted the pattern about 4 times and I think I will have a good fit when all is said and done. I love sewing the fabric, it was purchased earlier this year from Cali Fabrics and prior to our move to North Carolina.

The fabric is similar to Talbot's pants that fit me very well and the pants last forever.  I hope this fabric and the fit will be the same.

Here is a quick photo of pants in progress on the cutting table. The center front has been sewn and the back/side back and center back seams have been sewn.  Next step is to baste the one-inch seams and try them on for fitting adjustments.

More later.


  1. Thanks for the update! Fyi, Bluprint has a free watch week until 10/12! I have been checking out all the fitting videos for pants. It seems like you are already headed in a great direction, but if you want another resource, I just thought I would mention it!


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