Sewing Update

Today I feel like actually doing something sewing related.  I am using a pattern from my stash that I have not tried before.
From Butterick Patterns Website
I am making the short sleeve dress, not shown above.  This is Butterick 6207.  I purchased a xs-m size because my upper chest/shoulder area needs this size, my bust needs large, so I made a FBA.  I did not want a dart for this dress, so I used this technique from Maria Denmark.  I always get a little nervous when trying a new technique, especially one that creates a lot of changes due to cutting, enlarging and reducing.  The paper pattern ends up looking way different than the original.  Hopefully this will all work out.

The fabric is actually a fairly recent purchase.  It is from Cali Fabrics, purchased this past December.

I just finished cutting out the fabric today and getting ready to thread serger, sewing machine and most likely will use the cover stitch machine for hemming.  More later.


  1. Thank you for sharing this tutorial. It looks a little scary so please let me know how this worked out.

    1. It actually worked out well. I will post a picture of the resulting pattern piece; as you said it looks a little scary and the pattern does get chopped up a bit.


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