I finally finished cutting out the Simplicity knit top and began sewing it yesterday evening. Because it is a pattern I've used before I've had to spend minimal time referencing instructions. I also remember some things that I did with the last make that I wanted to change and to incorporate those with this make.

I also made a recent purchase from Ann Taylor website. One of the purchases was a choker neck top with flutter sleeves. It was on sale at 50% off so I took advantage of that. Part of the reason for buying it was to see how it was sewn. As you recall from a previous post I was working on a Simplicity dress, tunic and top pattern. I had real issues with the collar and facing. I have actually been stewing over how to remedy inserting an invisible zipper in the bulky area created at the facing/collar seam area. I am truly glad that I made this purchase as I found that for the front V-neck there is a facing but not a facing at the back. The collar is attached to the back bodice and the zipper is inserted. My problem is solved as I truly like the pattern!😊

I will take some pictures of the Ann Taylor blouse to show how they do it and how I'm going to do it in the future.

So I'm off to sew some more and will provide updates later. I hope you're going to have an enjoyable sewing weekend.😃



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