Ruffle Neck Tunic

I started working on a tunic for the Tunic Contest on Pattern Review.  
This is the front view.  This is a border print fabric I acquired from Les Fabrique, formerly located in Charlottesville, VA.  Unfortunately they closed their shop.  They had some gorgeous fabrics for sewist and quilters.  This was fabric in their remnant section.  This is a linen rayon blend.  Medium weight.

I cut the ruffle piece using some of the border print.  There was not enough of the border print to use so had to sew the border print to a piece of the main fabric to have enough fabric to ruffle.

I have a ruffle attachment foot for my sewing machine and have tried using it.  Tested it on some fabric pieces to mimic the ruffle piece and I still need to practice getting this to the right ruffle length as well as depth.

I have had this foot forever and never used.  I still may end up attaching knit yarn to the edge, zigzagging over it and then pulling the yarn to get the fabric to gather, which is similar to ruffles.

This pattern is from the   (Amazon Affiliate)

Will share more in the near future.


  1. The ruffle foot is a bit scary.. the noise and the ratcheting but it gives a nice even ruffle. Good luck.

    1. It is noisy! I was able to make a nice ruffle and have basted it to the neckline of the tunic. Plan to post update soon. Thanks for commenting and stopping by.


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