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Update on my inspiration top sewing

Well-I am a little flustered with my progress!  The fabric I am using is very similar to the inspirational top, the fabric content is probably not the same at all.

 I am using a semi sheer rayon that was a pain to cut out as it was a little slippery.  Not difficult to sew, just more fiddly than I prefer to sew.

I was going to use the sleeves with elastic at the hem but that was frustrating for me and after two attempts to get the elastic just right using a casing, I gave up.😒  I had enough fabric to cut out the sleeves with the ties and there is where I stopped for now.  It should not be that difficult to insert elastic into a casing but trying to then stitch down the remaining edge was frustrating and turned out to be unkind to the fabric.

Back to the sewing room after a short break.😏

Next up-- Pinterest Inspired top

I am feeling my sewing mojo again.  I started working on my next project this morning.  I saw this on Pinterest recently

I have some very similar fabric that I purchased from Cali Fabrics last year.  I had planned to use it for another top pattern, when I saw this I knew that the fabric would become this.
I am using M7543 recently purchased during $1.99 sale at JoAnn's.
Back to sewing room, updates later!

Marilyn and Me

Yesterday I wore my new dress-Marilyn Dress by Style Arc Patterns.  With all the fitting adjustments I  made, the end result was worth it.  The dress passed the wearability factor.  I took a few pictures of the dress before work yesterday morning.

My camera battery was not at full charge when I took this picture.  I like this picture over others I took of the front view, the brightness and colors are off no matter the editing I did. Pictures below are much better and very much like the actual fabric in real time.

Here is the back view:

The fit is good and will be better as I need to take a deeper seam at the back waist area for my swayback.  I doubt if others noticed it much; I could see it when standing side ways and just a tiny seam adjustment will do it.
The fabric wore very well; hardly any wrinkles at the end of the day.  Yeah! As I mentioned previously this fabric was purchased years ago when a local Walmart still had a sewing/fabric section. That WM was closed and they built a…

New Patterns

I photographed new patterns I purchased over the Memorial Day holiday with all the sales going on. It may become apparent that I am somewhat obsessed with cold shoulder patterns.

B6355 is a colder shoulder pattern for woven fabrics.  I like the review of the pattern on Pattern Review and since Club BMV was having a sale I just added it to the shopping cart.  I like a few of the other views also.
Another pattern with interesting sleeves.  This is the year for a variation of tulips and flounces for sleeves.

I liked how these patterns were presented on Closet Case website.  I ordered this from Hart Fabrics as they too had a sale going for patterns.  I have CC PDF patterns for jeans and a jacket, yet to tackle.
I also added a KS pattern from Club BMV.  I had this pattern previously and remembered making a jacket similar to the white one and was disappointed.  Years have passed since I made that jacket and I saw a similar one at our local Macy's and have some fabric that I wanted to us…

Progress with Marilyn

This weekend I was able to do several things sewing related.

Saturday morning I attended an ASG sponsored program teaching young people how to sew.  I presented on pin fitting patterns and demonstrating a little of how that works.  Another member spoke on sewing a muslin for fitting.

Later that day I began working on the Style Arc Marilyn dress.  I cut a 12 in the upper chest/shoulder area and expanded to 14 at the bust area to hemline. After edge finishing with the serger, I then attached the shoulders together and basted the sides and back center seam for fitting.

The dress was huge!!!The seam allowances were for 3/8 inch seams.  I ended up taking 5/8 inch seams on the sides.  For the back seam I actually took in an inch from the top edge down to the waist and from there took 5/8 seams.  This truly made a difference in the fit.

I did not do a forward shoulder adjustment as I when pin fitting the shoulders seemed to be forward. That proved to be correct.  I also thought the dress may…


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