Toaster Sweater 2 Again

Lately I have been sewing items from the same pattern.  Normally I make an item from a pattern, put the pattern aside and move on to the next pattern.  Not sure why I have changed, I have enough patterns in my stash to sew and still will most likely not sew them all in my lifetime.

With my last garment wadder, I decided to use the golden yellow ponte knit to make another Toaster Sweater View 2 again.  The weather has been bipolar as someone else posted on Instagram lately, they too are from Virginia and I learned that they live in the Hampton Roads area.  With spring turned to winter weather in the past two weeks, my thoughts of sewing something for spring went out with the warm weather.

With my last Toaster Sweater, I found the top needed a few more tweaks.

I made a vertical FBA by cutting straight across from below the bust point area and adding 5/8 inch below.  I will then ease in this extra at the side seams but hopefully that will fix one problem I had.  I also shaved off 5/8 inch from the back starting right below the underarm and through the waist area to right above the hip area, there is a lot of fullness in the back. You can see the issues from this side view below.

I also adjusted the front neckline as I did not like how it lies in that area.  Instead of cutting a medium in that area, I cut at the small cutting line to shorten the length in the front keeping the back at medium.  My thought was that this would work like a forward neck adjustment.  Will see!

I have sewn the shoulders and neck area and now attaching the sleeves with one attached at this point. From there, you sew the side and sleeve seams in one.  My plan is to finish this hopefully by tomorrow.  

More updates to follow.



  1. Love you in solid colors! Looking forward to your remake with adjustments.


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