I have made considerable progress with the Victoria Blazer.  Our Christmas was low key this year; DH and I stayed home for the holiday.  Both of us have had stressful work lives lately and the thought of chilling out was a nice present to ourselves.  I cooked Christmas dinner on Christmas eve so it was truly a DDSD-don't do stuff day!

DH gave me a new camera and a lovely Brahmin purse.  The camera I got before Christmas and now also have a sturdy tripod to use.  Now I need to take classes on taking better pictures.

Back to the blazer.  I am just about finished with it.  I am not sure in the end if this will be exactly as I had hoped it to be.  I will say entering the New to Me contest on PR has helped ramp up my sewing mojo.  Having next week off I am happy to sew several other items on my to sew list.

I will say that the By Hand London instructions for this jacket are well written and I think the pattern is one a beginner can tackle.

Here are some photos of the jacket in progress.

Since taking those photos I have now attached by basting the collar and the lapels.  I have sewn the lining fabric.  I am going to line the sleeves though the pattern does not call for it. Because of my fabric the lining will help give it some stability and hopefully less wear of the sleeve fabric.

More later..


  1. Oh, that handbag. I love Brahmin bags, lucky girl! Happy New Year...

    1. Thanks Coco! The handbag was a real surprise and I love it too! Happy New Year to you also.


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