Late night

Tonight was our Annual Awards Event where we recognize various business and donors in our community.  It is always a nice event as it was tonight.

One of the things I like about the event is seeing the clothes that the ladies wear.  It is amazing that when I see something someone is wearing I immediately think I have a pattern for that or I have a similar fabric in my stash.  Sometimes the style is a unique design and find myself complimenting the garment and then enquiring if that bought this local or at some boutique.  My hope is that it is a local store and will take the opportunity to go and see and touch the garment.  You really can not go around touching some of the clothes on these people, they are usually ones I see maybe twice a year unless they are involved in my business segment.

I walked away with some new design ideas.  Now if I only could gain a few more hours in the day and a tad more energy to sew after a 10 hour day!


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