Holiday Weekend

I am happy that this is my start to an extended holiday weekend, starting today!  I return to work on Wednesday of next week.  Can we get a YAHOOOOOOOO!

This will be somewhat of a staycation for DH and me; okay with me.  We have tentative plans for Memorial day celebration.

To kick off my staycation, I spent last night making a few tweaks to a skirt pattern with lace overlay.  It is a Simplicity skirt pattern that I made previously and have not worn!!!

I am going to use the eyelet fabric that I was going to make culottes for this instead of the culottes.  I decided I needed some fabric with a little more drape for those than this fabric.

Later today I will be posting patterns for a pattern give away.  Check back later!

Off to the sewing room!


  1. Oh, sounds like fun! I'm just at the end of my sewing staycation and it was wonderful. Hope you have a great one.

    1. Thanks! I am glad you had a wonderful sewing staycation. I just came out of my sewing room to post photos of the patterns I am going to give away. I just finished cutting out a skirt pattern with cotton floral lace overlay.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I have enjoyed the day so far and just walked out of my sewing room after cutting out a skirt pattern.


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