V9026 Progress

I am so happy to report that I have made great progress on the Vogue top pattern using the remnants from the "Reunion" dress.  I am liking how the back piece wraps around toward the front.  I am just about through with this and was going to take a few photos; battery needs recharging :-(

I know that I will make another one from this pattern and will probably try the one with the cowl neck also.  I have so many top patterns that I want to sew.  I am on a top kick on this time as I really need to replace several that have been worn a lot!

I promised photos of the fabric from Fabric Mart.  Once battery is charged I will take those photos.  I was not overwhelmed with the scuba knit fabric, the two pieces are real shiny and that was not what I anticipated.  The fabric is quite different from my first scuba knit purchase.  The black and beige over sized hounds tooth print is really nice; I thought the wrong side would be the same as the right or very close.  It is not so the pattern I had in mind I will not be using as the wrong side shows and I don't like the look of the wrong side of this sweater knit.

I took advantage of a sale from Gorgeous Fabrics earlier in the week and hope that the fabric may arrive before Thanksgiving.

I will share more soon.


  1. Buying fabrics online is a bit of a lucky dip experience sometimes, I find. I hope you enjoy your staycation.

    1. I agree about buying online, sometimes it is exactly what you wanted and other times it is not.


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