Here's My Method (Photo Intense)

I thought I would take some photos of my sewing sequence when attaching center front bodice and bodice side seams to center front and side front bottoms.  I have posted before that my way is quite different from the pattern instructions.

Here is a shot of the pattern instructions:
Here's what I do:
I will attached the center front bodice to the center front bottom.
Next I attached the side front bodice to the side front bottom.
I then pin the side fronts to the center fronts.
I then baste right above the seams that connects top to bottom and continue a basting stitch a short distance below.
After basting this, I turned the garment to the right side to make sure the seams align. From the photo below you can see that on the first attempt did not.
Because it did not align I adjust and based again. Though this is an additional step or two, it saves some time in stitching and it it assures proper alignment.
I am then able to stitch the seam with everything lining up as it should.

Here is a view of the side fronts attached to the center fronts.
I prefer doing it this way because, for me, if I need to adjust the fit through the center front and side front areas I only have to remove stitching from one long seam. Those are usually my fitting adjustments. I would like to take credit for this sewing method, I can't. This sewing process was from an article in THREAD magazine a few years ago.

I started doing it this way only a couple of years ago; some habits are hard to quit.  I was not taught this in home economics and pretty much always followed the instructions in the pattern.  Rarely did this method appear in the instructions.


  1. Pretty combination. Thanks for the progress tutorial.

  2. Love this combination and can't wait to see you model it! Thanks for the assembly details. I likely would have followed the pattern instructions without much thought, but I much prefer your method!

    1. Thanks and glad the tutorial was helpful.

  3. It's good to see your details on these changes. I often times wonder why they give instructions that are contrary to logic. Sort of like putting a zipper up the back of a jumpsuit. So impractical.

    1. I like your comment about zipper in the back of a jumpsuit--very impractical and I even had one of those years ago--make that many, many years ago.


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