Catching Up

I have been missing in action of late. It is always fun to have a holiday and have only 4 workdays. By Friday, I realized I had crammed 5 days of work into 4.

I have made a few tweaks to the McCall's dress and will finish it soon. The knit for this dress functions different than the scuba knit for the first dress. All in all I do like this dress and perhaps I am being somewhat OCD about the fit.

I finally took pictures of the Kwik Sew top. These were taken late in the day yesterday after grocery shopping and doing some other around the town errands.

The knit used for this top was in my stash and it is a cotton blend, very much like a sweatshirt fabric. Best worn for cooler weather.

More updates later.


  1. Any progress is progress!

    Yeah, about holiday weekends and what follows: One long weekend (too long?). One short week with a compressed workload, which looks short and feels long. A regular weekend which, by comparison, feels too short. A regular work week, which will feel too long. Understanding the holiday does not take away the feelings emitted by the days following.


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