Winter blues!

The winter blues have set in this week.  It is just too darn cold here!  Those north of me, how do you stand it??  The good news is there will be a warmer day come Saturday, highs in the lower 50's.  I can get excited about that as most days this week have started at 9 or 10 degrees and then gets up to 27 to 30.  I have never been a fan of cold weather and don't have any plans to change that.

I have not been back into the sewing room to do any thing remotely related to sewing.  My second top is still ready to be cut out but just have not had the urge to do anything about it after work.  Because it is Friday, I feel a glimmer of hope that I will be motivated to get in there and cut out the second top and get those machines ready to sew.  Good thing is I can use the same color thread for both projects!

Next week I am traveling again for business for a couple of days.  Hopefully no long distance travel the remainder of the month.

I did take advantage of a Mood 1/2 price sale earlier this week.  The fabric looked pretty and spring like.  It also seemed to incorporate the new Pantone 2014 color of the year or close enough for me.

Until the next post, I hope your sewing projects are going well!


  1. Oh Linda. Yesterday it was about 18 and we were all VERY happy. Today it's -11 again.

    Such a BONUS when you don't have to worry about changing thread for your projects! :) Have fun sewing!

  2. Thank you. Yesterday the high was 53 and today was 59! A heat wave


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