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My January garment of the month will be what I hope is a super easy Kwik Sew top. 
I am going to make the red version.  The sleeves are cut on.  I am hoping that this will work out well for me.
I decided to go simple for this garment of the month and plan to sew up several tops this month.  I wear a lot of skirts and pants for work.  Most of the tops I have been wearing have gotten a year or more of constant wear and time to replace.

I am using a golden brown knit that I recently purchased from Fabric Mart last month.  The other top I want to sew is this KS pattern.
I actually like both tops but plan to make the one on the left but make sleeves longer.

Got to run, have to get ready to go to work. Yesterday fabric arrived from EOS, pictures to follow soon.


  1. Hi Linda - I adore the cowl neck top - they are both nice, but the cowl is a really dressy top. I think these will both look lovely :)

    1. Thanks Sarah! I hope to sew this up this weekend.

  2. I like both patterns and considered buying them last week. I look forward to seeing your tops.


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