Final tweaks and soon ready to wear...

I made numerous tweaks to the Vogue dress taking deeper seams below bust down on front princess seams as well as taking deeper seams in upper back to back waist line.  I also took deeper side seams using 7/8 inch instead of 5/8.

The pattern has cutting lines for 14/16 and then separate cutting line for 18-22.    With the deeper seams taken I almost think I could have used a 12 except at the bust area. 

I only need to stitch bias tape around neckline, hem sleeves, dress and attach fastener at the back neckline and I will have a new dress to wear next week.

My next project may be a faux leather skirt.  I also want to make another Vogue dress pattern,
I have fabric washed and ready to go.  Fabric is from EOS and is a print.

 I plan to make the one with sleeves but change the length to ballet or 3/4 length.


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