Dress in progress.

Close up of yoke and neckline.

Not as much progress made on dress as I would like to have.  I had hoped to have this finished to wear Thursday or at least to take with me to work as I wanted to show this at my upcoming ASG meeting.


  1. Linda, I don't know if it is because I expect a very easy pattern to take very little time, but I always find they take longer than expected. Which can be frustrating if you want to wear it quickly - like you do on Thursday. I hope you make the deadline, but if not I am sure you will find something nice.

  2. Linda, I love this pattern and it has reared its' lovely head several times but just disappears into the to-do-bin. I love your fabric and can't wait to see it on. Geez, I don't ever meet deadlines, lol.


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