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I found the perfect, truly perfect, faux black leather fabric.   I purchased it from Sawyer Brook.  I want a black leather top with or without a peplum.  I am thinking with.  I have seen and saved so many black leather top photos that I was thrilled when I saw this on Sawyer Brook website.  When it arrived and I could actually see and touch it,  I was doing the happy dance.  I need to make some adjustments with the Vogue peplum top pattern that I used this summer.  I think it is short waisted and needs a little more width at the waist.  I have some faux leather "skin" fabric purchased recently from Mood and may make that up first to further perfect the fit.

I decided on my next skirt project also and it will be one of the new Vogue pattern purchases I made recently.  You can see it in the side bar.   The fabric is from Waechter's in Asheville, NC.

I have a lot of ideas floating around about next projects and just need to find more sewing time.


  1. That fabric looks tasty, LOL. I look forward to seeing your garment :)

  2. Uuuhhhhhh (squealing)! That is a nice piece of fabric and no matter what you decide to make it will look upscale and fashion forward. Can't wait to see it:)

  3. I've been wanting to make a faux leather peplum top too (but I've been a little scared) to tell you the truth. Hope yours sews up perfectly can't wait to see it.


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