New Look Skirt pattern

Several months ago I cut out NL6003 and put it aside when I decided to make the Vogue peplum blouse and McCall's skirt.  I then went on to make the color blocked Vogue dress and the Vogue striped dress which is now complete.

I have been viewing several fall fashion magazines and getting some great ideas for fall sewing.  All well and good; I now have so many ideas I am having a hard time focusing on what I want to sew up next.  This morning I decided to sew up the skirt pattern as it is cut out and ready to sew.    Because it is grey I think it is a good transition into fall sewing.

The McCall's dress pattern is ready to become a dress and have picked a fabric that has been in my fabric stash for quite some time.  To be perfectly honest, if this dress turns out to be a wadder, as it has gotten mixed reviews on Pattern Review and blog land, I will not be overly upset.

You may ask why besides the mixed reviews would I even venture to think it will be a wadder.  My concern is that when I pin fitted the dress, even with ABCD cup variations, I had to make a FBA and was much more along my usual FB adjustments and I used the D front pattern piece.  Normally I have to make a 1/2 inch FBA for the D cup bodice pattern, this was more than that.  I adjusted the bust and waist darts.  I pin fitted the pattern after the adjustments and seemed like a good fit.  So we will see.

DH and I have a cookout to go to this afternoon so not sure how much sewing will get done.  More later.



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