MeMadeMay'12 and New Look

Yesterday I wore a dress that I made a year ago and never wore. The fabric was from Vogue Fabrics. I even purchased red shoes to wear with it at that time.  I was not overly pleased with the dress.  The neckline and collar seemed off for me.  Yesterday AM I decided I would wear the dress.

Upon arriving at work, I began getting compliments right away.  I, of course, thanked everyone as they also asked if I had made it.

I think part of the issue for my not wearing it is that it reminds me of a red/white gingham dress worn by little girls, or at least little girls from my memory bank.  It also makes me think of a tablecloth.

One thing that I had not finished with the dress was sewing a red button at the collar.  I have now misplaced that red button.  I decided to use a pin (brooch) from my collection that belonged either to my mother or grandmother.  I even got compliments on that.

I took a few photos with my iPhone before leaving work yesterday morning.  Thus the following are not great photos of the dress.  I had no other photos than ones of the dress hanging on a hanger.  Soooooo....

This is my me made May so far this week.

Tomorrow I begin a staycation!!!!  I do plan to do some sewing over the weekend with concentration on more sewing next week.  DH and I have some spring cleaning chores to do for the weekend.


  1. How great to finally pull out what feels like a so-so dress and have it be a hit! It looks like a fun piece for work and evening.


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