Photos of two Vogue knit tops

As promised earlier, here are shots of the two knit tops I completed.

The first one is a black knit, Vogue 8669; I lightened the photo for the purpose of showing how the neckline drapes as a result of the pleating at the shoulder.  The top is a little boxy and very full in the back.  The next top I will take out some of that back fullness by taking a small tuck all the way down the back.  After making a FBA of 1 1/2inches and eliminating the resulting dart, I ended up trimming down the sides after basting this top for fitting purposes.  I adjusted the pattern by taking a 1/4 inch horizontal tuck across the upper chest to raise the underarm area some for the next top.

I like the top even though this one needs the tweaks I just mentioned.  I don't like the knit fabric.  It sewed up well, but wrinkles a lot.  I am planning on making another solid color top from this pattern. Here is another view of Vogue 8669.

The next photos are of Vogue 1275.  I like and dislike this pattern.  I love the front ruching but I am not sure it is the best look for busty person.  I hope you can see this and I would like your feedback about the look.  I like the square neckline and I like that it does not gape.  I don't particularly like how the finish was for the neck binding and the center front section.  It works, but it is not real pretty on the inside.

Here is a semi side view of the top

The sleeves have elastic sewn in three places creating ruching in this area also.

And here is a close up of the neckline.  This became the most difficult area to sew and the instructions and illustrations did not seem to sync up. 
I stitched the center edge down though instructions did not call for this.  I was concerned the edge may roll out.  It is rather snug to chest so perhaps it would not and stitching was not necessary, I will never know as I chose to stitch it.    I love this knit fabric; it sewed well and handled easily.  This too is from Gorgeous Fabrics.

So back to sewing room to think and ponder on my next top or two.


  1. Hi Linda! I'm planning on sewing Vogue 1275 and I could certainly be described as busty :-) I'm curious now if I'll come to the same conclusion.

    Happy New Year!

  2. If the V1275 were made in a solid, maybe it would show a prominent bust, but in that print, I don't think it's a problem at all. It's a very pretty print too. Two tops-good for you!

    Happy New Year!

  3. I just bought Vogue 1275 today--so glad I read your post about it! Not sure when (or if) it will get made, but now I know what to watch for! BTW, it looks great on you!

  4. Hi Linda! I really like the V8669 pattern. It looks good! It was an easy top pattern for me too! I made another one and I don't know what happened but my front came out longer and the back was so much shorter. I hope to see if you make another!

  5. Great tops! I have the square neck pattern but haven't committed to it. I'll keep your issues with the instructions in mind.

  6. I would not do top 2 in a print, I think it is better suited to a solid color. In a solid I think it would be fine for a buxom woman.


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