Vogue 8750

Following dinner with DH, I spent time moving fabric from one place to another.  This is to begin my fall sewing and to refresh my memory of what I have in the stash.

I knew I had and did find some pleather pieces from my collection.  One is green and one is brown/black crocodile skin.  I want to incorporate one of them into a skirt.  The other (probably the green) will become a sleeveless top similar to this.
My first fall pattern to sew will be Vogue 8750, like the one the model is wearing.  I plan to use a denim fabric purchased from EOS in February of this year.
It has the look of lace overlay.  I washed it previously but thinking about washing it one more time.
It has some stretch to it as well which I like.  The pattern pieces have been cut out and I will pin fit tomorrow.


  1. So looking forward to seeing the fabric made up. There is a fabric store I frequent that has a selection of faux leather... you are inspiring me to make a skirt with it.


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