I am sure that many of you have started a project and decided you had to just put it aside because you were just not "feeling it".  That is how I feel about the Butterick dress and came fully to that conclusion this morning when I went to my sewing room.  I just don't want to make this at this time.

After making that decision and allowing myself to not finish it now, ( I can be obsessive sometimes) I did some cleaning up of the space as well as cleaned out the bobbin area of my sewing machine.  I also  cleaned and oiled the serger. 

Once I did that I threaded the serger to prepare for sewing the final summer dress of the season, Vogue 1250.  I am probably one of the last people to sew this popular dress.  I hesitated sewing it because of the low neckline on the model and my petite size.  And how does one make a FBA with this.  Having read pretty much all the reviews on PR and various blogs where many of you have made this dress, I am ready to give it a try.

I will post updates later.


  1. I still haven't gone past the ugly muslin stage for mine, but I do show an FBA on my blog, here.

  2. You're not the last one yet, Linda. I don't even own V1250!

    And I think Barbara may have made an FBA on hers, that would be Sewing on the Edge.


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