A little sewing here and there

Yesterday before and after work I spent a little time on my jacket.  The next step is attaching the pocket lining, then attaching the pocket zippers.  Basically this is creating a welt pocket but instead of attaching the "lips" of the welt pocket I am attaching a zipper.

In my many years of sewing, welt pockets have been the "intimidator" to me.  My success with this type pocket has been IMHO mediocre.  So facing my fear, I read and re-read the instructions for attaching these pockets and no matter how you read them, the pockets are definitely a welt pocket with a zipper.

So making sure markings on the jacket front pieces were symmetrical for each side, I then marked the pocket lining after affixing the interfacing on the pocket lining to support the zipper.  I then stitched, cut and turned the pocket lining to the wrong side. I then pressed the edges of the pocket window and have now pinned in the zipper on both pockets.

That is where I left things last night.  I have to say that the pinned zippered pockets look good at this point. Next will be to sew them.  More updates later.


  1. Welt pockets are scary. I made a promise to myself to conquer them and I spent many hours practicing. When a pattern calls for welt pockets, I still hesitate, but I don't avoid them.


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