Latest fashion accessory

This is my latest fashion accessory! I got this on Tuesday and haven't stopped wearing it since. Isn't it lovely!!??

My tendinitis continues to plague me and thus my doctor prescribed a fitted wrist support that also stabilizes the thumb more. My previous version (in beige) did not. I was in agreement to try this. At least the black color goes well with my fall and winter clothes which most are black and brown. I go back to doctor in two weeks; I see a cortisone shot in my future!

My sewing mojo has taken a vacation this week. I am hoping I can do some sewing this weekend. There is some Velcro issues with this new accessory and will need to try placing some sort of wrap around this so as not to hurt fabric. I may find that this thing may be too prohibitive to sew. My current project still needs a zipper and to be hemmed.
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  1. I am sorry about your new wardrobe accessory. I hope it helps you though!

  2. Oh darn. Sorry your wrist is still giving you fits. I hope the immobilizer helps! Take care.

  3. Oh nooo Linda... but sure that with your new accessory it will minimize any discomfort that your are experiencing.

  4. Oh no LInda! I hope it gets better soon!


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