I think it will become a completed project soon!

My DH is having sleeping issues since his surgery.  The bad news is we are both out of sync when it comes to sleeping now; he may finally get to sleep by 3 AM.  During the week I am up by 5:00, weekends by 7:30ish.  He then sleeps til noon.  The good news is I got a lot of sewing done this AM while he slept.

Because of that sewing I actually have a garment that is looking like the dress it was intended to be.  I am so glad I decided to attach the pieces as stated in my last post.  I actually ended up taking deeper side seams.  This came about during the basting/fitting this AM.  I only have to insert the zipper, try on once again to make sure I don't need to make any other adjustments; then hem and finally will have a completed dress!!!

Photos to follow soon!


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