Checking in

This has been a none sewing week.  I have been reading about sewing and thinking about it; just have not been able to get in the mood to sew.  My wrist is bothering me more and I made the decision when I go back to doctor next week, I will get the cortisone shot.

I also discovered last weekend that if I wrap the wrist support in plastic from dry cleaning bag, I don't accidentally pick my fabric with the Velcro.   I plan to pick up where I stopped on the "do over" tomorrow.  I need to finish this up so I can feel like moving on to some other projects.

I am getting lots of inspiration from your blogs and several fashion catalogues arriving weekly.  More later.


  1. Sorry the wrist is still giving you problems. Hopefully the cortisone shot will give you some relief. It's awful when all the body parts don't work like they are supposed to! :)


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