Taking Advantage of Time

This AM I had to attend a meeting and ended up with some time to spend in sewing room before traveling to the meeting.  I began cutting out the Simplicity dress pattern pieces so I could then pin fit the pattern later this week.  I was able to cut the front, side front, side back and flounces. 

For whatever strange reason, the center back piece is drafted with size 12-14 on one back piece and there is another back piece sized 16-20.  My issue is I need the 14 and 16.  I will overlay the two patterns so I can blend from the 14 to the 16.  All the other pieces have the multi sizes on one piece.  Go figure?!  The other potential dislike for this pattern is the skirt front and back pieces are the same.  This may create some fit issues, we will see.


  1. I dislike when patterns are made split like that, makes it hard to blend. Facings are famous for that. A skirt the same for front and back and not a full skirt? That, too is strange. I await your results, since I have the pattern in my to-do box.


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