Fourth of July sewing

Well I am celebrating the 4th by sewing.  Hope everyone is having an enjoyable day, no matter how you are celebrating!!!

I completed my first Lutterloh garment.  I am satisfied with the outcome; there are still some fit issues and I learned some things with this pattern system to use for my next garment.

First here is a front view of the completed top.  I was still in my pajamas so the top is not intended to go with what I had on.  Because of the no makeup, no styled hair look, I cropped the photos so as to not scare anyone.

There is some gaping at the neckline.  I took up the front tucks, dart and front sleeve to bodice seams, resulting in improvement of the front neckline fit, but the neckline is still gaping.   The bottom bodice is a little fitted and I would like a little more ease in that area.  Here is a side view shot:

The back has a center back seam with back tucks.  I ended up making the upper back tucks deeper by 1/4 inch each.  I also took in an additional 1/2 inch in the center back seam from upper back to waist.  The back length was too long for the upper bodice so I took off an additional 1/2 inch from the bottom edge of the upper back piece.   This is not a great shot of the back since I am looking into a handheld mirror and twisting to point the camera over my shoulder to take the shot!

The pattern called for facings at the neckline.  I decided to use bias binding instead.  With all the additional alterations I made at the neckline, the facings that I had cut out would not fit and this was easier to do than remeasure and cut out new facings.  Sleeves were turned under by 3/8 inch and topstitched.  The neckline and hem was coverstitched using my Janome coverstitch machine.

Some recommendations from a Lutterloh group is to use your upper chest measurement when drafting from the middle of your armsyce to shoulder and neckline.  Use bust measurement everywhere else including the waist, below waist per this system you use your hip measurement.  So the next top I make I will use those measurements.

Next up-Butterick knit top.


  1. Cute top! Hehe.. I celebrated with some sewing as well! :)

  2. I celebrated with a trip to JoAnns. So now I have even more stuff in my stash but not the courage to actually cut it! I lived in both Danville and Roanoke for quite some time. Really love Roanoke. Seeing your blog brought back a lot of memories. I shall return!

  3. The top is cute but what's more interesting is how you take pictures...*smile* Glad you had a good holiday weekend...can't wait to see what happens this weekend!


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