Another dress completed!

I am excited that I completed the Vogue dress that I cut out last weekend along with a KS top and Loes Hinse skirt. I have not had a chance to take photos of the finished dress, but I am so pleased that it was a quick and easy dress to make. It has a front, back and front/back facing pattern pieces. No zippers, no buttons, no darts, etc. Just pull it over your head, tie the self fabric belt and go.

Last weekend I make pattern adjustments to the pattern. One was a FBA using a technique I read about on Pattern Review and the reviewer called it a "cheater's FBA". She obtained the information from a Burda Plus pattern magazine. I love it and for a dress like this one, it worked perfect. I also made a swayback adjustment.

The fabric proved to be very easy to work with. I had some reservations about it as the wrong side is very satiny looking. I had no problems with it slipping as I thought I might. The negative or pattern dislike was the upper back was very full/wide and I ended up taking 1 1/4 inch seam allowance from upper back to waist. I also did not follow their instructions for attaching the facing. I used Claire Schaeffer's "All In One Facing" technique which eliminates the need for hand sewing.

I like this pattern so much that I am ready to cut out another one and sew it up. I already have selected the fabric-a border print fabric I acquired from in March.

I have a KS top pattern cut out and have cut out a skirt from a TNT Loes Hinse skirt pattern. I used this fabric for the top and skirt. I cannot remember for the life of me where I acquired it. But I love the feel of this knit and believe it will prove to be easy to work with.
I will try to post photos of me wearing the newly completed dress later this evening. Now off to fix dinner.


  1. wow that is a lot of sewing to complete, I bet you are excited! Post a pic of the dress if you get a chance. Summertime is dress time.


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