Sleeves and shoulder pads

I made some fitting adjustments to the shoulder and upper back areas to improve the fit of the jacket this afternoon. I then inserted sleeves and shoulder pads. The only thing left to do is hem the jacket.

I have two dress projects floating around in my head. One with an inserted waist band; I have several dress patterns that have this feature. I plan to use this fabric acquired from Textile Studios several years ago.
I also want to make this Vogue pattern. I have two fabrics I am thinking about using for this one; one was purchased from JoAnn's and the other acquired from


  1. Those polka dots are going to be cute as a dress!
    Can't wait to see the finished jacket. Are you hemming it by hand?
    I see that you finally managed to change your background - I like it!
    Are you enjoying the switch from nearly winter like weather to summer???


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